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Here are several testimonials from our customers about their interaction with National Oil and Gas.  You can leave comments to us by clicking <here>.

Phil and Renee Carper - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Q. How did you discover National Oil? 
A. We purchased a location that National Oil owned.

Q. How long have you partnered with National Oil?
A. 13 years

Q. What is the best thing in your business relationship with National Oil? 
A. Fairness in the partnerships we have together.

Q. What are your future plans in working with National Oil?
A. Hoping to grow our business as we partner together.

Other comments: They have always treated us fairly, and given us opportunities to grow.  We give National Oil credit for helping us be a successful dealer.

Phil and Renee Carper
Owners - P&R Investments, Inc.

Jim Fields - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Q: How did you discover National Oil?
A: In 1996 I was a food broker representing grocery products to Super Valu. They made a corporate decision to consolidate their buying in Zenia Ohio. I bought a small brokerage in Indianapolis & opened an office in Zenia to maintain our presence. I decided not to move to Zenia, so I offered to sell my brokerage to 3 of my employees. I knew a few of your dealers, and I decided with my merchandising experience a c-store would be a good fit.  March, 1996 I called National's then-current sales manager, Ed Alberding, about the possibility of purchasing one of your locations. He told me about the potential of a new site located at the Old Fort Meyer truck stop in Fort Wayne. We agreed and they began construction.

Q: How long have you partnered with National Oil?
A: My first location was a ground up truck stop/convenience store at the original Old Fort Meyers truck stop at U S 33 & Washington Center Rd. We opened on Oct. 9,1996.

Q: What is the best thing in your business relationship with National Oil?
A: Although National Oil is a large corporation, with many locations, they work with their dealers in helping to grow their businesses offering programs to help build current locations' volume, and offering programs to expand a dealers reach in obtaining additional locations. I opened my first location in 1996, in 2000 I bought a 2nd store (which I sold in 2002), Then in 2006 and 2009 I purchase 2 additional locations.  In all 4 cases National Oil assisted me in finding the "right" locations, and helped with programs to make the stores reach their potential. This is a very competitive business.  National Oil realizes this and will work with their dealers to help give them a "competitive edge"

Q: What is most challenging aspect of operating a convenience store?
A: Competition is extremely fierce and retail margins on fuel for the most part are very slim. Credit card fees can eat up margins on fuel in a hurry. You have to be a very smart merchandiser and maximize your inside sales to be successful.  National Oil is fully  aware of the worst thing about the c-store business (fuel margins & credit card fees). They actively try and assist their dealers in trying to expand the branded credit card base with their customers, This results in lower fees or in some cases 0 credit card fees. There are many oil jobbers in the areas National services, however I don't know of any that actively try and maintain fuel margins and help with programs to reduce credit card fees the way National Oil does

Q: What are your future plans in working with National Oil?
A: I am planning on continuing my present relationship with National and possibly purchasing another location in the near future.

Q: Any other comments?
A: National works with their dealers as " partners in profit". I am very fortunate to have been part of the "National Family" for the past 17 years.

Jim Fields
Former C-Store Owner/Operator